Why Bullfrog Power?

Why Bullfrog Power?

We’ve been working with Bullfrog Power for around 10 years or so, and they recently asked us if we wanted to be featured in their Buzz magazine.

We’re often reluctant to share information that feels self congratulatory however we’ve been reminded that we can inspire and remind other businesses to be thoughtful about their local and global impacts. Bullfrog asked us a couple of questions:

Why is it important for your organization to green its part of the supply chain?

We are trying to be stewards of our little corner of the planet (We are not perfect, but we keep moving forward) Energy alternatives seem like a good way to build our beliefs into the fabric of our company.  We have been working with Bullfrog for some time now (10 years I think) and invest in both natural gas and electricity with Bullfrog.  We would like to leave this planet we call home better than we found it.  

What’s the top piece of advice you would give to other production companies that want to improve their sustainability efforts?

Transition to Bullfrog was very simple and it is a very easy way to take the first step toward reducing your impact on the planet.  It’s amazing what happens when you do a little here and a little there.  Bit by bit you start to see how those small but consistent changes add up.

Does your organization take steps to green other aspects of your products’ supply chain?

We do a fair amount.  Our farm is certified organic and has been for over 25 years.  We have invested in a lot of other energy alternatives to build on the work we have done with Bullfrog.  We capture heat from our production and cooling systems and cycle it back into our hydronic heating system. We have 48 solar panels on one of our production buildings to help reduce some of our electricity needs.  We purchase seed from certified organic sprout seed producers in Canada and abroad which helps with Climate change mitigation. We have our packaging manufactured in Vancouver.  It is made from recycled PET and is recyclable.  We actively support local, provincial, and federal initiatives to work on issues such as saving forest, protecting farmland and engaging with consumers and other producers to think about what we can do to improve now and in the future.

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