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Our mission is to provide fresh, locally grown, organic sprouts, year-round in the Comox Valley and beyond for a happier, healthier planet.

Eatmore Sprouts is a family run business, and owners Glenn and Carmen Wakeling have two wonderful kids who have been raised eating sprouts and greens. The Eatmore family includes 45 employees, some who have been with Eatmore for over 10 years.

Glenn and Carmen are committed to organic food production and they are enthusiastic about local organic farming. “We love what we do because we are able to feed people in British Columbia and the Western Provinces 365 days a year!”

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We know it can be a struggle to get your family to eat healthier. Sprouts to the rescue! With so much nutritional value packed into a little sprout, just add them anywhere you would add greens and make your meals super. They are great in salads, sandwiches, stir-fries, wraps, and tacos. Add them to pizza, pasta and more! Put sprouts on your weekly shopping list and let your imagination fly. Click here for great recipe ideas.

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Buy Direct!
Buy Direct!

We’re not going to be at the Comox Valley Farmers’ Market outdoor market going forward, though we look forward to when an indoor location is sorted out. Meanwhile we encourage you to purchase directly from us, please call 250-338-4860 at least 24 hours ahead of pick up. Friday is the best day for picking up

Fuzzy Root Hairs
Fuzzy Root Hairs

Deli Sprouts This is a blended variety of alfalfa sprouts with other sprouts mixed in. The alfalfa component should have crisp white roots and green tops, but the other sprouts can look quite different. Deli sprouts include radish, which may be naturally pigmented pink or red and often have fuzzy looking root hairs along the

Why Bullfrog Power?
Why Bullfrog Power?

We’ve been working with Bullfrog Power for around 10 years or so, and they recently asked us if we wanted to be featured in their Buzz magazine. We’re often reluctant to share information that feels self congratulatory however we’ve been reminded that we can inspire and remind other businesses to be thoughtful about their local