Impact of Covid-19

Impact of Covid-19

Thank you to all of our valued customers for continuing to support Eatmore Sprouts & Greens Ltd., in this very challenging time. We will continue to produce and deliver fresh, organic sprouts and microgreens for our communities. We hope to maintain service over the next while and will do all we can to ensure the health of staff and consumers.

As part of our daily risk assessments it has become obvious that we need to continue to support social distancing and the reduction of potential cross-contamination wherever possible.

We have made the hard decision to avoid direct contact with the general public at this time.

Some measures we are making to do this include:

  1. Discontinuing attendance at the local farmers market. Please head to your local grocer to pick up our products. We are doing this to keep our staff healthy and able to make food for our customers here and throughout Western Canada.
    • In the Comox Valley, Edible Island has our larger size products and Quality Foods, Seeds Market, and Thrifty Foods all carry our products in the smaller pack sizes.
    • In Campbell River, Healthy Way has our larger size products, and Discovery Foods, Quality Foods, and Thrifty Foods all carry our products in the smaller pack sizes.
  2. We would request that any customers wanting to pick up at the farm give us 48 hours notice by phone. Please call us from the parking lot and we will bring the products to you at your car. This will avoid external sources of potential contamination on our door handles and in our entrance way. Please e-transfer or bring exact change in a plastic bag. We want to avoid direct contact with cash and change making. Money is a potential vector for pathogens.
    • E-transfer details
      • Email:
      • Question: What colour are sprouts?
      • Answer: Green

For more information, feel free to email at or call us at 250-338-4860.

All the best, and stay healthy.

Carmen & Glenn Wakeling